Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James

Who is the GOAT?

There is a debate ongoing over who is the GOAT (greatest of all time) in the NBA. Fans who watched Michael Jordan's prime days will argue he is the greatest player to step the court. But, the younger generation of NBA fans will pick LeBron James over Jordan.

To avoid complicating issues here is a more detailed observation of where the GOAT discussion stands...

Regular season stats: LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan 

Jordan wins in terms of points scored in field goals, but James rules the rebound and assists department. Both players have great defensive attributes; however, Jordan has the highest number of steals in his NBA career. We are yet to see if LeBron will claim a season steal title despite his promising stats on the court.

Jordan vs. LeBron: Playoff stats

Both players have shown better efficiency during their regular season. They share the same stats in terms of shooting percentage from 3-point range matches. Although Jordan has the highest Player Efficiency Rating, LeBron James leads everyone in Value over Replacement and wins shares.

Accolades and awards

Despite ruling the Eastern Conference for almost ten years, Lebron James has 4-6 awards in his 10 NBA Finals appearances. Jordan, on the other hand, has a clean 6-0 in the season Finals.



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