Nadal, Federer or Djokovic: who is the GOAT?

Rafa's stretch

Rafa Nadal, after a marathon of about 6 hours, wins his 21 Slam by beating Medveded in the final at the Australian Open 2020. 

Be the first to do it, momentarily detaching Roger and Nole. 

The feat is incredible, a few months ago the Majorcan champion was struggling with an operation on his foot and the possibility of retiring. For the umpteenth time talent, physical and mental strength prevail, leading the 35-year-old to win a Grand Slam title in comeback that has the scent of enterprise. 

The question arises spontaneously, as every time one of the big-three imposes itself: is he the GOAT of tennis? 

One thing is certain, it is a phenomenon!


  1. Probably we faced the best three history players...Roger technically the top, Rafa athletically, but the GOAT is Nole, he's a kind of robot, complete and strongest ...probably he's gonna be the most winning too


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