The match of the matches

The game with the most spectators in the history of football

When it comes to spectator records, we think of prestigious stadiums such as the "Giuseppe Meazza" (80,000 seats), "Wembley" (90,000 seats), or the "Camp Nou" (about 100,000 seats) and finally the "Santiago Bernabeu" (81,000 seats).

The game, however, that signs the record of spectators was played in South America: July 16 1950, Rio de Janeiro, "Maracanã" stadium.

With 199,854 spectators, it is still the all-time record.

Perhaps you also know that that match went down in history as the "Maracanãzo", where Uruguay defeated Brazil at home 2-1 at the World Cup, seeing the death of several spectators from heart attacks or suicides, causing a real national tragedy, not only sporty. 


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