The Longest pass

The Longest pass ever recorded in an NFL game


The NFL has seen some great talent, especially in the quarterback position. For example, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been a promising talent. One of Patrick’s exceptional skills is his throwing ability. The quarterback claims he can throw 75-83 yards.

However, the longest pass in the NFL was not from a quarterback but a third quarterback- Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield.

The action was recorded on Monday night, week 14 of the NFL season. 

Mayfield threw a pass that was over 70 yards against the Baltimore Ravens. He hurled the ball a little too much- hoping to score the last touchdown at the end of the half.

I hope Mayfield iced his arm after the game because he threw 343 yards and completed three touchdowns in Monday night's showdown.

Cleveland Browns rank second in the AFC North table and currently sit at 9-4, behind the 11-2 Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Browns will face the struggling New York Giants and a winless New York Jets in their next two matches. To end the regular NFL season, they will play the Steelers in a much-awaited divisional game. And maybe they can qualify for the playoffs after 19 years.



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